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Send us your requirements and we will fit it to your needs!


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Get a KCM form for your website!

We create and maintain every type of form you can think of. Just state what you need and we will create it.


After creating the web form, you get a HTML code to paste in your website, and the form will be there and working! You specify what type of form should be created and we create the form. Then you will receive a link to copy and paste to your site! Different types of EMBED code are available so please specify (iFrame, PHP, html link)! iFrame is the standard link type.

Or you can signup for a user account and create your own forms!

Works with any web hosting account. Our forms server processes the form submission, sends you an email with the information and then redirects the visitor to a thank you web page (you can also have your own success page!).

Stop SPAM! You probably know already what a bad idea it is to put the simple "mailto" tag on the contact page. Our forms contain an Captcha Image which are difficult to be read by non humans, stopping automated submissions.

All form submissions are kept in a database; so if you lose any information from a form submission, the form data can be sent to you via an email or as an excel spreadsheet (sent email or available for download when requested).

Password protection available upon request for all forms!!

Check out our contact page for an example of one of our forms. Then click the link below to get started.

Form Account Request